Rebecca Mutz
I make charcoal and graphite drawings about how I become preoccupied with spaces because of the memories or familiarity they hold. I subtly disturb and fragment the space in my drawings by rendering particular areas more completely while simultaneously repeating others. I also do this by ripping and reconstructing my paper in some pieces, as well as through my mark making. I draw from photographs and from life; both sources allow me to spend a significant amount of time in these spaces that I fixate on.

I am drawn to certain environments because they subconsciously remind me of how I related to places when I was younger. The way we perceive the world as a child has a huge impact on how we interact with spaces the rest of our lives. I play with scale in my drawings to demonstrate the drama and contrast between interiors and exteriors, as well as feelings of security and vulnerability we experience during this time of our lives.

I also find solace in specific public and private spaces because of the possibilities they hold for connection, as well as their conduciveness for reflection since I also find comfort in redundant memory. As a result the same diverse imagery obsessively reoccurs in my work; however, it is never exactly the same just as memories are recollected differently each time. Memories sometimes form almost concretely before abstracting as they move in and out of lucidity and fantasy. This is why the spaces that I leave unfinished in my drawings are just as significant as the information I provide. Sometimes the empty areas act as voids or windows, other times they can become blobs that don’t completely manifest.

Most artwork is currently for sale. If interested contact via e-mail under the contact section.