Rebecca Mutz
Currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts degree at Towson University in Baltimore, MD.

As humans we are susceptible to things that we have no control over; for instance our innate desire for connection, the aging process, memory lapse, falling in love. Fixating over this makes me anxious and compulsive. This was displayed in my older work through my obsessive control in detailed architectural drawings of old European buildings and family photographs; an attempt to satiate my curiosity with the past that I can never experience since I have no ability to control how I move through time.

To compensate for their lack of connection people gravitate towards cultural objects such as books and movies or personal memories searching for consolation in re-experiencing moments redundantly. Memories are recollected differently each time. Sometimes the lighting or mood becomes the focus while other times spaces become slightly abstracted as memories move in and out of lucidity.

Recently I have produced drawings that exploit this idea of obsessiveness; in particular being preoccupied with an idea or recollection. My work conveys the contradictory feelings of comfort and distress or detachment that people feel when this occurs.

I disturb and fragment the space in my drawings to communicate these feelings of unsteadiness. I choose a variety of spaces to draw from including personal dwellings that have been lost, places such as a bar or baseball stadium where people search for human connection, and quieter settings such as a bridge, park, or beach where people may go to reflect.

Most artwork is currently for sale. If interested contact via e-mail under the contact section.