Rebecca Mutz
Currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts degree at Towson University in Baltimore, MD.

I make charcoal and graphite drawings about how people become preoccupied with specific spaces because of the memories and familiarity they hold. The way in which a bedroom, restaurant, or street is lit has a potent impact on how we remember as well as how we relate to new spaces we will encounter. Just as a particular smell can trigger strong recollections, the feeling of a space can have just as strong of an impact.

Memories are recollected differently each time, sometimes forming almost concretely before becoming slightly abstracted as they move in and out of lucidity. There is only a temporary relief in re-experiencing moments redundantly or looking for consolation in particular places. My work conveys the contradictory feelings of comfort and distress or detachment that people feel when this occurs; the balance between what is healthy reflection and obsession.

I chose a variety of spaces as the subject matter for my drawings demonstrating how our innate desire for connection affects the types of environments we are drawn to. A person can feel just as isolated at a baseball game or a bar as they can reflecting during a walk through a park or getting lost in a memory.

I communicate these ideas as I subtly disturb and fragment the space in my drawings. I do this through my mark making and, in some pieces, I rip and reconstruct my paper. Often I render particular areas more completely while simultaneously repeating others. I work from photographs that I have taken or I draw from life spending a significant amount of time in places I have a calming fixation with.

Most artwork is currently for sale. If interested contact via e-mail under the contact section.